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  • $ 5000

Planning on a large balloon sculpture at convention?

Need a fantastic air inflator that will help get the job done quickly?

Accurately size two air-filled balloons simultaneously at the touch of the foot pedal control. Inflates 5″-16″ round latex balloons and larger.

Rent the Conwin Precision Air Inflator at any convention we drive to!

Rental rate is only $50 for 2 days,
plus a refundable security deposit of $50 due when unit is picked up.

REMEMBER:  You are responsible for the care and safety of the equipment rented.  Unit will be inspected upon return. Any missing or damaged parts will be charged to your credit card accordingly. Equipment must be returned to our vendor booth before we leave to receive your security deposit back.  You will be charged for full replacement cost of equipment if not received before the vendor room closes.



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