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Balloon Aprons
Full Body

  • $ 8900

Full Body Aprons - Made with any fabric listed below.
Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.


Full Body Aprons - 100% Cotton -Made in the USA

6 pockets - holds 30+ Qpaks!

Crisscrossed adjustable straps in back allow you to adjust for length and width.

Takes weight off the lower back and distributes it to shoulders and waist.

Apron has a second layer of fabric for durability.

Choose same fabric front and back -or- different front or back.

Holds lots and lots of balloons!

You can choose which fabric you want in front and which you would like in back
from any fabric we have in stock.  Make notation in comment section.

  • Twisted Balloons on Black
  • Party Balloons on White
  • Party Balloons on Black
  • Large White Dots on Red
  • Clown Faces
  • Patches
  • Jester

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