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Dr Jean & Friends (Tooty Ta)

  • $ 1600

  • Dr Jean & Friends (Tooty Ta)  Today is Sunday, Monkeys and the Alligator, Tarzan, Elephant Song, Mother Goony Bird, My Mother is a BAker, Dr Knicker Bocker, Nursery Rhyme Rap, Miss Sue, My Hands On My Head, Tooty Ta, Days of the Week, Macarena Months, Weather Song, I Had a Bird, Patalina Matalina, Special Me
  • Dr Jean Sings Silly Songs  I Like You There's No Doubt About It, The Aligator Chant, The Cool Bear Hunt, Katalina Matalina, Over In The Meadow, Brining Home a Baby Bumble Bee, I wish I Had a Little Red Box, The Butterfly, Tiny Tim The Turtle, Twink A Link, Baby Fish, The Three Boppin Bears Rap, Hellow How Are you, La De Da De Da, Silly Wily, Pepperoni Pizza, The Beaver Call, The Bear Went Over The Mountain, Five Fish Swimming In The Sea, I Wish I were, Bubblegum, The African Village Song, It Is Tim To Say Goodbye

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