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Company History

ClownSupplies.Com was established in 1977 by Marie "Rie"  and Eric "Cheezo" Perssons. Over the years, several other companies popped up... but none like the original ClownSupplies.Com !  We continue to provide you with the quality and speed you need at the lowest possible prices!

Mary Anne "Simplicity" Ross purchased ClownSupplies.Com in 2009 and has been professionally clowning since 1998 performing more than 150 events a year for schools, fairs, private parties, corporate functions, class instruction and lectures. Since purchasing this fantastic company, she increased and expanded inventory with a wide variety of items to choose from. 

You can find us here online or at various conventions
(here there and everywhere) offering items for sale and lectures on...
The Business Aspects of Childrens Parties
Finding the Clown In You
Basic/beginner Juggling
Makeup Do's and Don'ts
Got a question on clown stuff?  Feel free to call and pick her brains!